Sundax OSM Shield

​​Sundax / OSM Shield treatment

Sundax International A/S has signed a long-term exclusivity agreement with the U.S. based OSM Shield Treatment Company for treatments of fabrics for all of our productrange: Technical / functional sports wear, work wear, leisure / street wear and fashion, promotion wear, school wear / uniforms, dog wear and sports / leisure bags / backpacs. 

Using Sundax OSM Shield treatments, you can replace membranes and still obtain full water/oil repellency but with full, natural breathability and at a much lower price. These plant based treatments will even increase the  environmental friendliness of your finished products.* 

Test results from independent institutes have shown that these treatments outperforms other treatments available on the market at similar price levels on all perimeters. The treatments can be used on all kinds of fabric compositions on both knitted and woven fabrics by our/your regular fabric mills and contrary to other treatments will be tailored to your specific fabric. In essence - each treatment is custom made to each individual fabric to acchive the ultimate performance.  

Key benefits with Sundax OSM Shield, depending on treatment: OSM Shield presented by Sundax

  • Extreme water repellency
  • Stain resistance
  • Oil repellency
  • The natural breathability of the fabric remains and is unchanged
  • Quick dry properties
  • Improved durability (abrasion)
  • Odor resistance and control without the use of silver chloride
  • Improved wicking result
  • improved colorfastness 
  • Treatments are plant based, non-PFC and non-PFOA and among others REACH/Blue Sign approved
  • Durability up to +75 washes before treatment is diminished
  • OSM Shield can even make 100% cotton material water repellent enough to pass U.S Custom´s requirements for rainwear.

A treatment can ensure a garment with a 100 % water repellency without the use of membranes, stain- and odor resistance - and provides unmatched, true breathability.

None of the treatments changes the comfort, hand feel or breathability of the fabric – and all treatments are durable for the life circle of the garment or fabric, which by the way is prolonged by the treatments. Adding to this, these treatments have set new milestones in color retention, whiteness value, drying  several times faster than identical non-treated garments and much faster than conventional DWR treated garments.

Sundax OSM Shield treatments – all with unchanged breathability:

NORR: 100% water repellency, 100% stain resistance (incl. oil) and odor control through antimicrobials without silver chloride
EVO: 100% water repellency, 100% stain resistance (not oil) and odor control through antimicrobials without silver chloride
WIK Release Plus: Extreme absorbency, extreme stain release, odor control through antimicrobials without silver chloride
WIK Release: Extreme absorbency, extreme stain release and odor release when washed

To determine the exact treatment for your fabrics, we suggest that we conduct a test of your specific fabrics, and first discuss which properties you need for which style.

So please do not hesitate to contact us and lets make your next garment truly multifunctional and inviromental friendly !

Please also have a look at our video channel at Youtube for more information and footage.


* Compared to similar treatments and DWR products